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Zipp 3ZERO MOTO 27.5-inch Tubeless Front Rim

Zipp 3ZERO MOTO 27.5-inch Tubeless Front Rim
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Zipp's 3ZERO MOTO carbon rims are inspired by moto to provide riders with the control and durability required for pure speed. Moto remains a powerful source of inspiration for good reason. Based in the racing hotbed of Indy, Zipp for more than three decades has used motorsports as an inspiration to develop pioneering carbon cycling innovations. Our single-wall approach, what we call Moto Technology, allows the rims to "pivot" from either side of the spoke bed while traversing rough terrain. As the wheel encounters obstacles, each edge of the rim is designed for compliance, creating the feel of extra suspension. For the rider, that means durability and control for greater speed. Moto Inspired. Control + Durability = Speed.

- Higher impact resistance
- Reduced chance of pinch flatting
- More traction in rough corners
- Smoother ride in rocky terrain
- Ability to run lower tire pressure
- Reduced rider fatigue
- TyreWiz tire-pressure monitoring device
- Frustration-free tire installation
- Rim is designed for compliance, creating the feel of extra suspension

Tubeless technology

Going tubeless allows you to run lower tire pressures without the added weight of a tube. Lower tire pressure has many benefits, including greater traction, lower rolling resistance over rough surfaces, and decreased risk of a puncture-related flat.

Tubeless-ready rims and tires are parts of a complete system that eliminate the need for tubes by creating an airtight chamber between the rim and tire. Liquid sealant is added to the chamber to fill small punctures and maintain air pressure while you ride.

UST (Universal Standard for Tubeless) is a specific type of tubeless system that dictates the shape of the rim and tire beads. UST rims should be paired with UST-specific tires for best results.


Rim Material Carbon
Inner Rim Width 30mm
Outer Rim Width 37.5mm
Hole Count 32
Valve Type Presta

* Subject to change without notice.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Silver/Blue / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832482 00.1918.446.005 AMR266742201
Silver/Green / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832468 00.1918.446.003 AMR265168151
Silver/Orange / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832451 00.1918.446.002 AMR261197661
Silver/RS Red / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832444 00.1918.446.001 AMR265661551
Silver/Silver / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832437 00.1918.446.000 AMR264929871
Silver/Stealth / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832505 00.1918.446.007 AMR263114331
Silver/Teal / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832475 00.1918.446.004 AMR26810031
Silver/Yellow / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832499 00.1918.446.006 AMR267993351
Slate/Blue / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832567 00.1918.446.013 AMR269210321
Slate/Green / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832543 00.1918.446.011 AMR267645971
Slate/Orange / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832536 00.1918.446.010 AMR269914781
Slate/RS Red / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832529 00.1918.446.009 AMR26773321
Slate/Silver / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832512 00.1918.446.008 AMR26613691
Slate/Stealth / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832581 00.1918.446.015 ZIP414126431
Slate/Teal / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832550 00.1918.446.012 AMR269726471
Slate/Yellow / 32 / 27.5-inch 710845832574 00.1918.446.014 AMR264820241