At Palo Alto Bicycles we appreciate that each rider is individual and we offer a personalized fitting experience that has your needs, goals, concerns, and preferences in mind. We fit road bikes, cyclocross bikes, TT/tri bikes, and mountain bikes. Every member of our staff is actively engaged in the two wheel mode of self-propulsion –whether in the dirt or on paved roads, competition or recreation, or simply getting from one place to another we live the experience. Our expertise comes both from formal education, (Guru Academy, Fit Kit Training, F.I.S.T protocol) and over 20 years of real world fitting experience. As cyclists, we understand and know how a comfortable fit can take you farther and make you faster.

Basic Fit: $65.00

This is a traditional fit using your bike placed in a stationary trainer. We will identify the proper saddle height, setback, cleat placement, reach and drop, keeping in mind your unique goals and requirements. We’ll make sure that all the parameters are in the just the right position to allow you to ride comfortably.

Guru Bike Finder: $95.00 for one/two bikes

Know which bike or bikes you’re interested in? Looking at a Trek or Specialized and not sure which would be ideal for you? The Bike Finder mode on our Guru DFU2 allows us to select your choice of bikes from a well-stocked virtual warehouse to find what size, stem length, amount of headset spacers, and setback seatpost is optimal for the bike that you have chosen. The Virtual Warehouse features current bikes from most major manufacturers as well as many smaller, harder to find brands.

Guru Optimization Fit: $300.00

Getting an Optimization Fit on our Guru DFU2 with one of our experienced fitters is like going to an expert hairstylist–you’ll get an amazingly thorough fit in half the time. You’ll be able to experience millimeter increment changes to your fit while you’re pedaling–there’s no down time while we swap stems or move your saddle around. We’ve got a wide array of handlebars and saddles to further perfect your fit, and the attached resistance unit means that you’ve got a more realistic road feel while you’re on the DFU2. As a rider, you gain the confidence of having your fitter guide you through the range of correct and acceptable fit parameters and personally choosing the position that you prefer the most. We can then transfer this fit as best as we can to your existing bike, use Guru’s Virtual Warehouse to find what size and options you’d need in the stock bike you’re looking for, or build the ideal custom frame off of these measurements.

Custom Insoles – $80.00

Insoles are often the overlooked piece of a quality fit. We offer custom heat molded Foot Balance insoles to keep you pedaling strong. These insoles have a stiffer plate under the arch than what you can find off the shelf for better arch stability through the pedal stroke and the personalized heel cups ensure a better fit in any shoe. All this helps to stabilize the knee throughout the pedal stroke.