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Introducing the new Smart ENVE System. Building on over a decade of SES history, the new four-wheel line delivers a premium riding experience and performance upgrade for every type of rider, across all terrain. Utilizing our latest construction techniques and laminate designs, the new SES wheel lineup is our lightest yet. Meet the four new purpose-built SES wheels. Which wheel are you?

SES 2.3

Make every day a climbing day. For the uncompromising climber who values performance up and down the mountain, there’s no better option than the new SES 2.3. At sub-1200 grams, they’re in a league of their own and deliver a real-world advantage in hilly terrain through their lightweight design and confidence-inspiring handling. Where would you take them?

SES 3.4

Versatility at its core. From the cruel terrain of Unbound Gravel to the summit of the highest mountains, there is nothing more versatile than the SES 3.4 - nothing. The Swiss Army Knife of wheels, the SES 3.4 is the one wheelset adept in any terrain or conditions. It’s the one wheelset quiver that shines across all terrain and surface conditions.

SES 4.5

Go anywhere, fast. The original modern, tubeless road wheel was the first of its kind to pair the rolling efficiency of high volume with world-class aerodynamics. The 4.5 is re-engineered to reduce weight and further expand its capabilities across every terrain. The go-to wheelset for fast riding on rolling terrain.

SES 6.7

Speed without compromise. Striking the ultimate balance between aero efficiency, stability, rolling resistance, and weight savings, the SES 6.7 defines Real-World Fast. Through a purpose-built design philosophy that pairs aerodynamics with high-volume tires for reduced rolling resistance, the SES 6.7 is the new benchmark for speed.

OVERVIEW The SES 2.3 is purpose-built for the mountains. Ultra-light, respectfully aerodynamic, and optimized for tubeless tires, the SES 2.3 raises the bar for performance through hilly and mountainous terrain. When weight matters most 1197-gram wheelset weight Inner rim width: 21mm Minimum labeled tire size: 25mm Tubeless Only PERFORMANCE DIALS Aerodynamics: 3 Stability: 8 Climbing: 10 Compliance: 8 DESCRIPTION There's no better option for the uncompromising climber who values performance up and down the mountain than the new SES 2.3. At sub-1200 grams, they’re in a league of their own and deliver a real-world advantage in hilly terrain through their lightweight design and confidence-inspiring handling. Modern-day alpinists take their ethos of ‘Fast and Light’ seriously by avoiding unnecessarily heavy gear to get up the mountains quickly while maintaining confidence on the way down. The SES 2.3 subscribes to that same idea in the pursuit of scaling mountains efficiently and providing even more fun and stability on the descent. Paring down from the SES 3.4, it maintains the proven Smart ENVE System design elements of dissimilar front and rear rim depths for handling the varying air flow elements from the front to the back of the bike. At 28mm for the front depth and 32mm for the rear depth, the SES 2.3 provides crosswind stability and flatland aerodynamic efficiency to descend confidently and carry speed in the flat valleys between climbs. Utilizing hookless bead tubeless technology allowed our engineers to pull more weight out of this wheelset, tune the comfort, maintain strength, and ensure an exacting rim bead seat diameter to provide the most precise tubeless interface. This wheelset is tubeless and disc brake only. When it comesto the biggest climbs of the Grand Tours or the undulating terrain out your front door, there’s simply nothing faster.
$2,849.99 - $2,850.00
OVERVIEW Versatile, aero, light, and fast. The SES 3.4 has been a staple in the SES wheel family, and the newest iteration takes the best features of the previous generation SES 3.4 and 3.4 AR to make the ultimate modern road wheelset. There’s simply nothing more versatile than the SES 3.4. The one wheel quiver 1390-gram wheelset weight (with XDR body) Inner rim width: 25mm Aero optimized tire size: 27mm-28mm (Labeled) Minimum labeled tire size: 27mm Tubeless Only PERFORMANCE DIALS Aerodynamics: 6 Stability: 7 Climbing: 7 Compliance: 7 DESCRIPTION As the most versatile wheel in the line, the SES 3.4 is the go-to for just about any terrain or surface conditions. From the Dolomites of the Giro d’Italia to the gravel of Unbound to the town sign sprint on the lunch ride, the 3.4 has proven time and time again that there are no limits on its capabilities. The new SES 3.4 shares many similarities with the previous SES 3.4 AR, such as the 38mm front and 42mm rear rim profiles and 25mm inner width, while receiving a laminate update that reduces weight to 1390 grams for the wheelset. The high-volume design of the rim and Wide Hookless Bead technology not only makes the SES 3.4 a modern road wheel that is raced at the World Tour level, but it’s also a favorite for mixedsurface events due to its feature benefits that clearly separate it from other wheels in the same depth category. Pinch-flat resistance, low weight, and an aero profile optimized around high-volume tires are key features of the SES 3.4, making it the most adept all-around wheelset. Falling between the SES 2.3 and SES 4.5, the SES 3.4 is a clear choice for the rider seeking a lightweight option for any terrain, on any road. With an internal width of 25mm, the confidence in handling that comes with the rimand tire volume makes it a game-changer on technical descents and rough pavement. Like the rest of the SES wheel line, the SES 3.4 has been optimized for road tubeless performance and features a hookless bead design that allows for the precise rim dimensions required to achieve the best tubeless performance. To further tubeless tire and rim reliability, the full carbon wheelset features ENVE’s patent-pending Wide Hookless Bead, which is a design element at the leading edge of the rim that provides a surface that, when impacted, will reduce the likelihood of pinch flatting a tubeless tire.
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