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Years before mountain bikes or gravel bikes existed, Jobst Brandt (1935-2015) took bicycles to places they’d never been before. Best known for writing The Bicycle Wheel, the maverick California engineer pioneered dirt riding and lightweight touring. His legendary “Jobst rides” took Bay Area racers including Tom Ritchey, Gary Fisher and Eric Heiden over dirt roads and landslides in the Santa Cruz mountains and the Sierras, and he maintained a love affair with the Alps, touring 2,000 miles across Europe’s mountain passes for almost 50 years. As he pushed riders and bicycles beyond traditional limits, Jobst turned towards improving bicycle technology. With Palo Alto Bicycles, he founded Avocet and introduced innovations such as treadless tires, the bicycle computer, and touring shoes, while his mentoring of a young Tom Ritchey influenced the birth of mountain biking. Told through stunning archive photos, documents, and in-depth interviews, JOBST BRANDT RIDE BIKE! is an unconventional biography of a man whose passion, intellect, and sense of adventure changed the way we ride bikes today. It will introduce him to a wider audience and establish his place in cycling history.
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