Palo Alto Bicycles has been servicing bicycles in the Palo Alto community for 88 years.  Our Service Technicians are the best in the business! Here is a short rundown of the areas of expertise that we offer. We are a…

Shimano Service Center

Campagnolo Pro Shop

SRAM Service Center

Bosch Certified Service Center

Budnitz Certified Service Center

We are eTap, Di2, and eps experts as well as Rolhoff, Alfine and Nexus service experts. We have over 75 years combined experience and expertise and pride ourselves on our in house hand built custom wheels including the ability to cut custom spokes if needed. Our extensive parts inventory will help to get your bike in tip top shape and back on the road ASAP!

Do yourself and your bike a favor and stop in soon you both will be glad you did!

Consulting Fee
Charged in 1/2 hour increments with an 1/2 hour minimum (waived if products are purchased and installed by PAB)
Deraileur Adjustment and new cableEach derailleur plus cost of cable$20
Brake AdjustmentEach brake$20
Brake Adjustment and new cableEach brake plus cost of cable$20
Flat Tire RepairPlus cost of new tube$11.50
Wheel TruingBasic truing; tensioning and correction of flat spots additional$15
Wheel Re-tensioning Setting correct tension in loose and tight spokes$40
Box a BikePartial disassembly and pack for shipment. Shipping charges extra.$85
Bottom Bracket OverhaulRemoval and inspection of cups and spindle. Clean, lube and re-assemble.$30
Hub OverhaulRemoval and inspection of cups and spindle. Clean, lube and re-assemble.$30
Event Prep Tune UpBrief inspection of bicycle, maximum time spent around 30 minutes.$45
Basic TuneupAdjustment of the brakes, derailleurs, hubs, headset, bottom bracket, and minor truing of wheels (no extra tensioning of wheels or major flat spot correction). All bolts are checked for tightness and the chain is lubed.$120
OverhaulThe bike is stripped to the bare frame and everything is cleaned. Everything is reinstalled, lubed, and adjusted. New bearings, cables, and cable housing are installed. Wheels are fully trued laterally and radially. Cost of parts extra.$350