Patrick Smith


Years at PAB – 1/12

Where did you grow up? – North Carolina (don’t pay attention to the Florida tattoo)

Current Bikes? – Kona Roadhouse

What do you love about bikes? – That in the same ride you can feel like a kid, like a superhero, and then like a total hack. They’re the most amazing machine there is.

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be?– Japan, the mix of road and mountain biking there looks amazing.

What would you order at the coffee shop/favorite type of beer? –Black coffee or IPA. Please no coffee beers. They’re both perfect on their own than you very much.

What is something that you’re ashamed to admit you own? – I’d say paisley based layers, but they look so good on!

What is the worst thing you did as a kid, and haven’t told your parents about? – I put my bike purposefully behind my friend’s mom’s car once fully hoping that she would back over it (so I could get a new bike) She did and I did get a new bike, but only after I mowed lawns all summer to buy it myself! Never admitted that I did it on purpose until now…