Jake Schuppe


Years at PAB – Started June 1st 2017. I have been working for PAB for just over 3 months or 25% of 1 year

Where did you grow up – Home town is Middleton WI. Just outside of Madison

Current Bikes –Moots Baxter (the only bike I have right now)

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be? – New Zealand and Iceland would be immediate choices. Otherwise I have heard Japan has a pretty amazing cycling culture and is also a country I have always wanted to visit.

Favorite Ride –River ride, Brisbane

Favorite Beer / Coffee  – PBR I Pour over

What’s the strangest thing you have ever eaten – I have eaten many thing but once I was dared to eat a meat plate served to us while I was visiting in Egypt. After taking the dare and eating everything I later discovered I had eaten, Pigeon, horse, dog, and chicken. It all tasted like chicken.

What do you love about bikes? – Bikes provice you a type of freedom that is earned and very rewarding. It also connects you with like minded passionate people that usually all want teh same thing... Just to have fun!

What is your favorite Movie? – Moulin Rouge....Don't judge me!

What things are on your "bucket list" – I want to teach my kids how to ride their bikes (first I need to have kids) start anohter business, travel on motorcycle with my bicycle from Washington to Alaska. Bike through some portion of Africa. See the TDF in person. I think that is a good start for now!