David Valdespino


Name – David E Valdespino Jr.

Nick Name – D-Val, David Val

Years at PAB – 1st year

Where did you grow up – Eastern Bay Area. Western Union City

Current Bikes – Ritchey  Timberwolf, 97 Kona Hot, Surly ECR, Factory 5ive Pista, Weltmeister Steel Road (Ritchey Road Logic: Coming soon)

What do you order at the coffee shop/favorite type of beer  – Coffee (lots 'o' sugah, lot's 'o' cream). Lagunitas Aunt Sally/IPA. Espresso shot, Olympia (its the water...) Not in that order.

What’s the strangest thing you have ever eaten – Tacos de Sesos (Brain Tacos) End of the week, double meat. You get the picture.

What do you love about bikes? – Function and form meet. Your inner child and rational adult minds shake hands. You have to keep moving forward in order to maintain balance. I think there is a metaphor there.

What is something that you are ashamed to admit you own? – A signed copy of Mandy Moore's sophomore album "I wanna be with you"  from 2000

What is the worst thing you did as a kid and haven't told your parents about? – Hey Dad, That dent on the hood of your truck? I fell off the roof sneaking out at night, Sorry! -Son